The App is the result of the project and has been carried out compiling all the information of the work carried out in the activities done in the last 3 years of the project.

 It is an application where the user adds or subtracts points according to whether they carry out positive or negative activities in the four health sections that we have worked on. Thus, there is a section where the food that each user consumes daily is shown and depending on whether it is healthy or not, it will subtract or give points. There is another for sports, where we have the same idea, depending on whether sports are practiced, more or less points will be removed or given. Another section is related to emotional health and personal relationships (bullying, cyberbullying…) and the fourth is related to environmental health and the environment that surrounds us (recycling, reasonable consumption…) Also, here we consider the issue of volunteering.

In the application, each user will get a score and there is an individual ranking where you can see the winners, as well as a country ranking, where the country with the highest score is shown.

The objective of this App is to motivate students to lead a healthier life and make them aware of the positive aspects and the importance of taking care of food, playing sports, taking care of personal relationships, as well as social health to have a healthier and happier life, hence the name of the App: Three Times Health is Happiness.

3 times health is happinness