In this section we will show a compilation of press articles and other media related to the KA229 Project: Three Times Health Is Hapiness.

21/05/2022 - LA NUEVA ESPAÑA
Healthy habits in an Erasmus program of the IES de Montevil

The sport councilor, José Ramón Tuero, participated in the presentation of an App to promote healthy habits.

noticial healthy habits la neuva españa papel
noticial healthy habitsl la nueva españa
21/05/2022 - EL COMERCIO
An app made at IES Montevil to improve health

IES Montevil students presented yesterday the app 3h=H, in English, which is the result of three years of work, within the Erasmus+ program.

app el comercio papel
app el comercio
19/05/2022 – TPA Conexión Asturias
A new App about health

IES Montevil with the help of 4 countries have developed an App to promote healthy habits in teenagers as part of an Erasmus+ project.

17/05/2022 - La Nueva España
Multiculturalism in Gijón with Erasmus+ students in schools

Students from Austria, Portugal, Greece and Italy were received yesterday at the City Hall.

multiculturalism la nueva españa
17/05/2022 - EL COMERCIO
Educational projects to create European awareness

Students from schools from half a dozen countries of the European Union come to the city through the Erasmus+ program

educational projects el comercio papel
noticia el comercio
16/05/2022 - SPORTING
The Foundation receives the visit of European students in El Molinón

Gijón hosts during this week different activities aimed at promoting physical, social and emotional health on the occasion of the ‘Three Times Health is Happiness’ project, integrated into the Erasmus + program.

noticia real sporting
19/04/2022 – LarissaNet
Reception of 3 Erasmus+ European Schools at the Platykampos Institute

For five days, at the beginning of April 2022, teachers and students from schools in Italy, Spain and Portugal visited the Platykampos School.

Reception of erasmus european
19/04/2022 - On Larissa
Reception of Erasmus+ schools at the Platykampos Institute

For five days, schools from Italy, Spain and Portugal visited the High School of Platykampos and organized joint actions within the approved educational program Erasmus + ΚΑ2 «3h = H»

Reception of Erasmus school
20/11/2021 - On Larissa
Platykampos High School in Austria

Meeting of teachers at the Mittelschule school in Boheimkirchen, Austria, located 40 km from Vienna.

Viaje a Austria
19/05/2021 - La Nueva España
El Montevil, Erasmus online

The school holds virtual meetings with students from Italy, Portugal, Greece and Austria

El IES Montevil, de Erasmus online
22/12/2020- Larissa Net
Platykampos Institute: Erasmus + KA2 3h=H continues

Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, the Platykampos School continues to successfully implement the Erasmus + KA229 3h=H program that began in the 2019-2020 school year and will end in 2021-2022.

Viaje a Bari
20/11/2019- El Comercio de Gijón
Gijón Montevil School expands borders

Eight teachers from various European schools stay together in Gijón for five days to coordinate the ‘Erasmus +’ educational plan.

El IES Montevil amplía fronteras
19/11/2019- La Nueva España

The two schools collaborate with centers in Italy, Latvia, Romania, Portugal, Greece and Austria

LNE recepción autoridades Erasmus Gijón